Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Celebrate Earth Day - Happy Hour Style

We just got wind of this cool event taking place during happy hour on Earth Day! Check it out . . .

ORGANIC WINE TASTING at The Blending Cellar Wine & Tapas Bar: Join Winemaker Bob Swain of Paul Dolan Vineyard, Sonoma County for an organic and biodynamic educational and fun wine tasting in celebration of Earth Day, Thursday, April 23rd from 5 - 6 pm. $15. Tapas are available and served on organic bamboo biodegradable plates.

The Blending Cellar is located at 946 Pearl St., Boulder. 303-447-0475. www.blendingcellar.com.

"Paul Dolan Vineyard wines are a unique expression of carefully nurtured vineyard sites made manifest in each bottle. We do without conventional pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, treating the soil as a living, life-giving system. Our winegrowing practices create special wines, while sustaining our environment, the place where we live, and the people who live here."

Drink & learn about Organic and Biodynamic wines on Earth Day!

Monday, April 13, 2009

New Search Engine

You asked for it . . . now you can search for happy hours by time of day, day of week, and special features like rooftops, patios, live music and more.

As if it wasn’t already easy enough to have all of Boulder’s happy hours lisLinkted in one place, now we’re doing everything except dropping you off at the bar. Aren’t we something??

Check it out at www.happyhourboulder.com!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Still Drinking for a Cause

If you haven’t already made plans for happy hour today, consider meeting your pals at the Rio for a marg on the rooftop. And on the way, would you mind picking up some new school supplies for Crayons to Calculators?

We’re talking pencils, crayons, notebooks, calculators, glue, folders, pens, erasers, etc. for kids in our community who don’t have everything they need to start the school year. You can even Adopt a Student – that means filling up an entire backpack – and you’ll get a Happy Hour Boulder pint glass and an etched mini marg glass from the Rio.

See the post below or visit our website for more details.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Happy Hour: The Lounge at Boulder Theater

Boulder Theater has a cool new thing going just south of its main entrance at The Lounge. This trattoria-inspired cafe/bar features an array of fresh and authentic bruschette, panini and antipasti. Looks like the perfect place to relax and enjoy a glass of wine and little bite before attending any of the Theater's amazing shows.

You could also just drop in for happy hour. Even if you're not en route to a concert, it looks like it's definitely worth checking out their deals, like $3 drinks and an appetizer menu ranging in price from $1-$4.

We suggest stopping by for a drink on the patio - one more place to sit outside and enjoy happy hour. Yay!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Drinking for a Cause - Crayons to Calculators

Yay! It's our first Drinking for a Cause event! Read on . . .

Admit it, you know you’re going to find yourself at the Rio sometime in the next few weeks. It is summer, after all, and who can resist a frozen marg on the rooftop?

So, if you’re going anyway (and you know you will), we have a favor to ask . . . could you please bring some school supplies?

Here’s why . . .

Did you know that thousands of kids right in our community will start classes in August without pencils, crayons and calculators, much less backpacks in which to tote their supplies?

You remember how exciting it is to shop for colorful notebooks and cool pens, so imagine what it would be like to be the only kid in your class without nice, new things to learn with.

Please join Happy Hour Boulder and the Rio Grande Restaurant in our quest to collect school supplies for Crayons to Calculators, a non-profit organization that gives backpacks and more to underprivileged kids in the Boulder Valley and St. Vrain Valley School Districts.

Drop off any of the items from the list below between July 21 and August 4. And, if you’re really inspired, you can Adopt a Student. That means filling up a new backpack with all the supplies on the list.

Bring in a full backpack and get a Rio etched mini margarita glass and a Happy Hour Boulder pint glass. (See supply list at right.)

Thanks so much for helping students in need! You get to enjoy your happy hour, and a little kid can be proud to show up for the first day of school. Everybody wins!

Visit www.crayonstocalculators.org for more information.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

High Altitude Happy Hour

What's an extra 20 or 30 feet of elevation when you're in Boulder? We are, after all, already over a mile high. But for rooftop connoisseurs, happy hour altitude makes all the difference.

Which bar do you think has the best rooftop? Make your selection in the poll at right.

Not sure? Check out our feature on Boulder’s Rooftops.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Perfect Margarita

Nothing beats a good margarita, its limey, tequila goodness, spiked with a little citrus - salt or no salt, blended, over ice, or straight up - quenching thirst and bringing on a little buzz with each delicious sip. If you're me, it's the perfect summer beverage, and if you're not me, it's because you've not found a marg that suits you.

Margaritas are to summer (and for some, every season), like the Eiffel Tower is to Paris, the Kremlin is to Moscow or the Great Wall is to China. You simply can't identify with those places minus such landmarks, like you'll never really know what it means to enjoy summer without a good margarita.

So, what constitutes a good margarita? The criteria are somewhat subjective, as there are those who like flavored margs, like strawberry or mango, and some people like theirs sugary sweet, while others prefer tart or bitter drinks. But, there are some basic guidelines to follow when in search of the perfect marg.

First of all, use a little common sense. Ordering a margarita at a restaurant that serves, say Thai food, is probably not a good option. Yes, there are exceptions, but typically, you’ll raise some eyebrows at the bar, as maybe the fifth person ever who’s ordered a marg in such a place. Margaritas are super basic, but there are bartenders who can completely screw them up, so unless it looks like the bar is equipped to handle your order (that means, no margarita mixes), go with a beer instead.

That leads to our next lesson, which is ingredients. While some people really enjoy pre-made mixes, unless you’re in a pinch, don’t order a marg unless you know that the bar is using fresh ingredients or making their own mixers. Why pay a bartender to make your drink if you can do the same thing at home with a little Cuervo mixer from the liquor store?

The best margaritas usually come from the bar’s proprietary margarita mix. They may or may not tell you the exact ingredients, but you can be pretty sure that if a restaurant is taking the time to create their own special mixer, they mean business when it comes to margaritas.

Finally, ask around. Everyone knows a margarita connoisseur, and this person will probably be more than happy to point you in the direction of their favorite marg.

In Boulder, this usually means the Rio. Ask anyone in town where to get a good margarita, and they’ll, without hesitation, tell you about the legendary drinks at this famous Boulder establishment. Known for being exceptionally strong, they have a marg to suit every taste – flavored, frozen, on the rocks, etc. They even have mini margs so you can try out a few different varieties.

Another go-to margarita can be found at Tahona. This tequila bar features a full menu of margaritas and an even bigger list of tequilas. Made from fresh ingredients, these are margaritas in their truest form.

Other good margs can be found at Zolo, Illegal Pete’s, Mamacitas, Terrace Maya (margarita coupon) and Casa Alvarez. And, though not part of the happy hour lineup, one of Boulder’s best margs can be found at Efrain’s on east Arapahoe. This hole in the wall has a loyal local following, most of whom would argue that an Efrain’s marg ranks among the world’s best. Try a Premier and see what you think.

Have a favorite marg not on this list? Share the margarita love by adding a comment to this posting.